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Capital One Promotions is a direct marketing company with almost 15 years of experience acquiring new customers on behalf of clients.

We help our clients to connect in a personal way with their target markets and acquire thousands of customers for them every year. Due to our unprecedented success of generating over £30M for our clients, the next 10 years is really focused on expanding. We are looking to move into 3 new cities this year and into international expansion by 2020.


How It Works

Advertising your business is essential for growth. But how you choose to advertise can be the difference between success and failure. Traditional methods such as TV, radio, magazines, newspapers and internet often prove to be costly and an unreliable source. We are able to demonstrate complex products, explain concepts clearly, answer questions, and be a great 'Brand Ambassador' for our clients. We are able to target their exact desired market to businesses, residential or to events such as exhibitions, sporting events, etc.

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We are growing and growing fast!!

Whether you’re looking for a long term career or just to get your foot in the door and experience under your belt, our fantastic business model means you’re in control of your own future.

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